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Step Up

Step Up is a development program for kids U6 to U8 (ages 6-8). For players at this age, the focus should be all about the player. Players will develop from learning and gain experience through playing the game. 

Working with Utah Avalanche licensed coaches will help players develop a love for “The World’s Game” and also the freedom of thought, play, and fun that comes in an environment where kids feel happy and confident to try new moves, turns and tricks!

The Step Up Process

  1. Practice Days: Utah Avalanche coaches will run one-hour sessions to practice skills and techniques in a fun, fast-paced environment.
  2. Game Days: Players will be encouraged to take risks and bring all that they have worked on into small-sided (3v3, 4v4) game formats.
  3. Player Specific Programs: Players are placed in groups that best fit their current level (regardless of age and gender), ensuring the best learning environment exists. One that both stretches the individual but allows for the competitive nature of the sport to be revealed.
  4. Inter-Club “Baller Days”: multi-club gatherings where our players can pit their skills against other teams in a small-sided, round-robin format.

This program is amazing! My children used to kick the ball and chase it all over the field, but after attending some of the Step Up sessions, my kids are controlling the ball, dribbling, moving, and passing. They are having more fun than ever!” - Gretchen Howe- Mother to a 7-year-old Utah Avalanche Junior.

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